Water… Idaho’s Lifeblood

The most important political issue in Idaho’s history has been and will remain, for the foreseeable future, WATER!

Water is Idaho’s lifeblood. It makes agriculture, one of Idaho’s leading industries, possible.

It affords Idaho cities and industry some of the cheapest electric rates in America.

In the modern history of Idaho, Republican statewide officials understood how vital water is, and zealously protected it and water rights holders.

What are Steve Yates’ qualifications to stand as a guardian of your water rights?

Steve Yates is a product of the corrupt D.C. swamp (#swampthing).  In his east-coast based world, there are no water rights.  In his world, government controls all the water and bills you for what comes out of your tap.

Steve Yates has NO knowledge of the complexities of “first in time, first in right” or “beneficial use” doctrines.

Terms like “in-stream flows”, “head”, “CFS”, “recharge” and “water rights adjudication” are meaningless to him.  He’s never heard of a place called Swan Falls, let alone know it’s implication as it relates to water law.

He never moved pipe as a kid.  He’s never set a canvas dam. To Yates, there is no difference between a garden shovel and an irrigating shovel.  He’s never worn or owned a pair of irrigating boots and has never changed a set of water in his church clothes.

Just like Hillary Clinton, Steve Yates moved to a state he knows virtually nothing about to pirate political office.

Steve Yates IS NOT qualified to serve as a protector of your water rights.

Steve Yates IS NOT qualified to be Idaho’s Lt. Governor.

Say NO to corrupt politicians coming to Idaho.

Say NO to Steve Yates!

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