US Senator for the Republic of China

Steve Yates is Idaho’s Hillary Clinton.

Like Hillary Clinton, Steve Yates moved to a state he knows virtually nothing about to pirate political office.

And like Hillary Clinton, Steve Yates makes his money selling access, information, and special favors.

And, just like Hillary Clinton’s corrupt payments from middle eastern kings, despots, and foreign tyrants, Steve Yates is an internationalist who received hundreds of thousands of dollars from out-of-state donors with ties to foreign special interests(Click here to see Yates’ 2018 campaign finance report or here for 2017.)

An investigation revealed many things about Steve Yates that he doesn’t want you to know.

Steve Yates joined the council on foreign relations.  

And, according to documentation from the U.S. Department of Justice, Steve Yates was a highly paid foreign agent for the Republic of China, providing access to U.S. government officials, information of benefit to the Republic of China, and special favors meant to change U.S. policy on their behalf.    

Steve Yates scrubbed these facts from his biography to hide them from the people of Idaho because he knows they make him unelectable.

Moreover, additional documents show he has agents that are supporters of the government of the Republic of China, operating both domestically and internationally.  These operatives have recently solicited campaign funds to enable Yates to buy power here in Idaho – all in exchange for past, and future, special favors meant to benefit the Republic of China.

Reasonable people may ask, why do these supporters of the Republic of China support Steve Yates with this much dedication?

Sadly, the answer is simple… because a corrupt bargain exists.   

Steve Yates’ stated narrative and quotes from his henchmen indicate the ultimate goal of this internationalist plan is to position Yates to capture one of Idaho’s U.S. Senate seats and become the Senator for the Republic of China – all at Idaho’s expense. The office of Idaho’s Lt. Governor is his chosen launch pad for that effort.  

Yates has arrogantly told the Republic of China’s supporters that he is “likely” to win if his campaign themes of lies and deceptions are adequately funded.

So, Idaho voters beware!

Remember, Steve Yates has NO real qualifications to serve as Idaho’s next Lt. Governor.

He’s been running for public or political office since the day he left D.C. and migrated to Idaho – even though he has NO experience in state or local government. He doesn’t understand Idaho’s rich history or it’s cultural, geographic, and economic diversity.

And during his lifetime of dwelling in the corrupt D.C. swamp, he never held a policy or advocacy position that directly benefited the people of Idaho.

So, don’t let a corrupt internationalist stamp “Made in the Republic of China” on the office of Idaho’s Lt. Governor.

Tell Steve Yates and his cronies that IDAHO IS NOT FOR SALE!

Say NO to corrupt politicians migrating to Idaho.

Say NO to Steve Yates!

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