A politician’s personal character matters!

Honesty, integrity, and trust are character traits Idahoans demand in a candidate. Steve Yates is a product of the corrupt D.C. swamp, where those traits are meaningless. Just like Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt politician in America, Yates practices the art of personal destruction.

It’s a standard dirty trick of the D. C. swamp where Yates learned his politics. Assassinate your opponent’s character and sanctimoniously call for a campaign of issues not insults.

Steve Yates has been running for office since the day he came to Idaho, taking advantage of those yet to see through to his corruption and deception, and assassinating the character of his political opponents who have.

So, when you hear Steve Yates plead for issues not insults, rest assured he can’t talk Idaho issues and has already slung the insults.

Idaho needs honest leaders with sound character, not another Hillary Clinton.

Say NO to corrupt politicians coming to Idaho.

Say NO to Steve Yates.