Idaho’s Land Board

The Idaho constitution established the Land Board to provide income for public schools, protect our land, and to enhance sustainable economic progress.

Idahoans prefer to elect officials that will serve on the Land Board who’ve lived here and understand the land as well as our cultural, geographic, and economic diversity.

When we elect a Lt. Governor, we are electing a substitute governor. As such, there will be days when the Lt. Governor, acting as the Governor, will attend Land Board meetings and potentially make significant policy decisions that impact all Idahoans.

If you’re a logger, miner, farmer or rancher, or recreationist, or live in a community to which Idaho lands are vital, you’ll want to know the qualifications for each of the candidates for Lt. Governor.  After all, one of them will soon be one heartbeat away from the Governorship and the Land Board.

There are several candidates for Lt. Governor who’ve served Idaho in various ways. They understand Idaho and its potential. They deserve your consideration and eventual support.

However, Steve Yates is NOT one of those candidates.

A product of the D.C. swamp (#swampthing), Steve Yates has been running for political office since the day he left the Beltway and migrated to Idaho.  

Like Hillary Clinton, Steve Yates moved to a state he knows virtually nothing about to pirate a political office.

In his east-coast world, there are no vast tracts of public lands, the government owns all the water, and skyscrapers or suburban homes dominate the landscape.

Steve Yates has no experience in natural resources or public lands.  During his time as a beltway bureaucrat or special interest lobbyist, Steve Yates never held a policy or advocacy position even remotely related to land issues.

Like Hillary Clinton, Steve Yates makes his money selling access, information, and special favors.  His campaign is funded by hundreds of thousands of dollars from hundreds of out-of-state special interests and donors who are banking on access and special favors.  

Steve Yates is not qualified to even be a substitute member of the Land Board, let alone to serve as Lt. Governor.

Idaho deserves better. We deserve a Lt. Governor that values Idaho over out-of-state special interests.


Say NO to corrupt politicians coming to Idaho.

On May 15, say NO to Steve Yates!

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