Idaho is NOT for Sale!

Do these names sound familiar to you?

Chang, Hsing | New Jersey; Chang, Wen | New Jersey; Chen, Chitsong | New York; Chen, Hsinhwai | California; Chen, Li Chin | Texas; Chen, Liching | Texas; Cheng, Chao-Tarng | New Jersey; Cheng, Hsien-Chang | New Jersey; Chou, Chien-Yu | Texas; Fan, Foun-Chung | New Jersey; Huang, Yu-Ting | Texas; Hung, Mien-Chie | Texas; Hwang, Tzeng-Tung | New York; Ko, Chih-Chia | Texas; Lee, Cheng-San | New Jersey; Lee, His-Chou | Texas; Lee, Huey Jen | New Jersey; Lee, Kuang-Yao | New York; Lin, Kuan Chung | New Jersey; Lin, Shih Meei | Illinois; Lin, Shiuho | New York; Lin, Ya-Ling | New York; Lin, Yawares | Massachusetts; Lo, Ching-Tsan | Texas; Oyoung, Chi-Lin | New York; Tsay, Yet-Ful | New Jersey; Wang, Ai-Lan | New Jersey; Wang, Hsuan-Tsung | New Jersey; Wang, Sueling | Georgia; Wei, Shui-Yeh | New York; Wu, Lian Huo | New York; or, Wu, Yeming | California.

They are some of nearly 400 out-of-state donors who gave hundreds of thousands of dollars so Steve Yates could BUY the office of Idaho’s Lt. Governor.

Like Hillary Clinton, Steve Yates makes his living selling ACCESS, INFORMATION, and SPECIAL FAVORS.

Makes you wonder, what special favors and government access will all the money buy?

Tell Steve Yates and his out-of-state cronies and donors that Idaho can’t be bought… that IDAHO IS NOT FOR SALE!

Say NO to corrupt politicians.

Say NO to Steve Yates!

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