“Every once in a while, he [Steve Yates] said, “it all seems to come back to Taiwan no matter what I do.”Idaho Statesman, 2016


There are hundreds of actual out-of-state donors who gave hundreds of thousands of dollars so Steve Yates could buy Idaho’s Lt. Governorship.

Like Hillary Clinton, Steve Yates makes his living selling access, information, and special favors.

What special favors will all that money buy?

Tell Steve Yates and his out-of-state money, Idaho can’t be bought.

Say NO to Steve Yates.

“And, Stephen Yates is an individual held up as a longtime ‘friend of Taiwan’, by Taiwanese themselves!”Hioe, 2017

“He’s [Steve Yates] long been critical of official U.S. policy that acknowledges Beijing as the seat of Chinese governments, but maintains strong economic and back-door diplomatic relations with Taiwan.”Idaho Statesman, 2016