Foreign Agent

Meet Steve Yates, Idaho’s perennial candidate, and modern-day CARPETBAGGERYates has been running for office since the day he left the D.C. swamp and migrated to Idaho.

He is funded by hundreds of thousands of dollars from hundreds of out-of-state donors and cronies with ties to foreign special interests. (Click here to see Yates’ 2018 campaign finance report or here for 2017.)

In fact, Steve Yates is so close to these foreign interests that they have even given him a Chinese name – YE WANGHUI. But why are these interests so dedicated to supporting Steve Yates?

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Steve Yates was a registered foreign agent for the government of the Republic of China.  Vice President of a large lobbying firm located in the D.C. swamp, Steve Yates was a part of a three year, $1.5 million per year agreement to provide access, information, and special favors to benefit the Republic of China.

Does that sound familiar?

But why are the voters of Idaho just now learning about this?  Because Steve Yates has purged this information from his published biography.

He is trying to hide the fact that he was a registered foreign agent of a government whose supporters are now dumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into his campaign to buy power in Idaho.

After all, honest people just don’t hide jobs at big firms, with fancy job titles, and high pay for no reason.

But the plot thickens.  Translations of Yates’ fundraising documents show he now has agents with ties to the republic of china soliciting donations both domestically and internationally.

These documents clearly indicate, and suggest, these contributions are in exchange or “appreciation” for past and future special favors.

This begs the question, what special favors, access, and information will all that money buy?

Steve Yates has a clear conflict of interest between his selling, access, information, and special favors and holding elected public office.

No elected official should be allowed to personally profit from holding office.

But Idaho voters have a chance to eliminate this corrupt bargain by saying NO to Steve Yates.

Tell foreign agent Steve Yates and his out-of-state cronies and donors that Idaho can’t be bought… that IDAHO IS NOT FOR SALE!

Say NO to corrupt politicians coming to Idaho.

Say NO to Steve Yates!

[Documents coming soon!]

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