Don’t Be An Accomplice

“The best indication of future behavior is past behavior.”  Dr. Phil

As the 2018 Republican Primary campaign season draws to a close and voters prepare by making their final decisions regarding the candidates, we should all heed Dr. Phil’s advice.

For instance, in Idaho’s Republican Primary for Lt. Governor, what can you expect given the past behavior of candidate Steve Yates?

1.) Steve Yates jeopardized the well being of his family in desperate pursuit of his personal political ambitions.  If he was willing to sacrifice the interest of those closest to him for political gain, where will your best interests rate?

2.) Steve Yates misused his position as chairman of the Idaho Republican Party for personal gain.  Many potential major donors reported that instead of soliciting contributions to the party’s coffers, Steve Yates sought payments to himself and his firm in exchange for access, information, and special favors that only he, as chairman, could provide.   If he was willing to misuse his position in the party for personal gain, where will your best interests rate?

3.) As chairman of the all-volunteer Idaho Republican Party, Steve Yates violated his fiduciary responsibility to serve the organization and all its members by soliciting a $100,000 payment to purge members he didn’t like from the party ranks. (His very detailed plan can be read here.) This audacious and unprecedented outlook towards volunteer members that make up the backbone of the Republican Party is dangerous enough, but his willingness to personally profit by it is scandalous.  Does his quest for personal enrichment add further doubt to the question, where will you rate?

4.) Steve Yates runs for office having already concluded a corrupt bargain with out-of-state supporters of foreign special interests.  He scrubbed his biography to hide the fact he was a registered foreign agent for the Republic of China. In exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations he has promised, and already begun to deliver, access, information, and special favors to benefit them. (Link to videos.) For instance, as party chairman, Steve Yates delivered two platform planks that were placed in the national Republican Party Platform that benefited the Republic of China, while not even attempting to deliver any that benefited or specifically represented Idaho. In the tug-of-war of politics whose best interests will Steve Yates serve?  Will it be yours, or those that funneled unprecedented amounts of outside cash into his campaign to buy power and political office here in Idaho?

George Orwell said, “A people that elect corrupt politicians, impostors, thieves, and traitors are not victims… but accomplices.”

Don’t be an accomplice. Stand up for Idaho. Say NO to corrupt politicians migrating to Idaho.

Say NO to Steve Yates!

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