A Power Struggle In The Making

This year’s Republican Primary season has been dominated by the three-way heavyweight brawl for the gubernatorial nomination.

Each campaign is organized and prepared to fight to the finish.  Grassroots activities at a high level show the extent of volunteer dedication to their candidate.

In contrast, the Lt. Governor’s primary is a crowded race.  It consists of several candidates with long histories of life and service in Idaho, with one exception – Steve Yates.

Steve Yates is a product of the corrupt D.C. swamp (#swampthing), who like Hillary Clinton, moved to a state he knows virtually nothing about to pirate public office.

Yates has been running for political office since the day he left D.C. and came to Idaho, but still knows very little about us.

Just like Hillary Clinton, Steve Yates makes his money selling access, information, and special favors.  While most Idahoans see the conflict of interest should he be elected, Yates seems more intent on enhancing his personal and political fortunes.

In multiple public forums, Steve Yates has explained his plan for breaking Idaho Republican tradition and changing the role of Lt. Governor.

He says he will be a “sovereign” Lt. Governor.  So, what does that mean?

As a “sovereign” Lt. Governor, Yates will be independent of both the legislature and the next Republican governor.

It means he won’t be counted on to support the new governor’s agenda.  Instead, he can aggrandize himself or stab the governor in the back, whichever suits Yates’ political ends.

There are several candidates for Lt. Governor who have lived and served in Idaho in various ways.

While only one can be the next Lt. Governor, they deserve your honest evaluation and eventual support.

Regardless of who wins the gubernatorial nomination, Idaho’s next governor won’t be able to sleep at night with the threat of a corrupt opportunist with endless political goals like Yates running loose.

You’ve worked too hard for your favorite gubernatorial candidate to see his agenda threatened by the likes of Steve Yates.

As you toil through the remainder of the primary season, give your candidate a Lt. Governor he can trust to serve the people of Idaho.

On May 15, say NO to corrupt politicians migrating to Idaho.

Say NO to Steve Yates!

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