Business As Usual For Steve Yates

Like Hillary Clinton, Steve Yates makes his money selling access, information, and special favors.

Also, like Hillary Clinton, he came to a state he knows virtually nothing about to pirate a political office.

Unless he closes his business, D.C. International, in favor of the part-time Lt. Governor’s salary, he will be automatically in a conflict of interest.

But how do we know he will not use the office for personal gain? Because he has done it before.

As chairman of the state Republican Party, he solicited Idaho companies to hire him in exchange for the access, information, and special favors he could provide.

Yates even sought a nearly $100,000 payment to attack his fellow Republicans.

And don’t forget the hundreds of thousands of dollars of campaign contributions given in exchange for past, and future, special favors from special interests with foreign ties.

This is NOT what Idaho needs.

Say NO to corrupt politicians coming to Idaho.

On May 15, say NO to Steve Yates!

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